Please visit and add the car you have chosen for your subscription. You need to upload the following 4 documents we have sent you, each to the relevant field of your Uber Partner dashboard:

(1) the V5/Logbook,

(2) the PHV Licence,

(3) the MOT (for cars older than 1 year), and

(4) the Insurance Certificate.

Please upload each document in the format in which you received it: all documents must be uploaded as an image (JPG or PNG). Please do not screenshot the attachments with your phone as this will reduce the quality of the images and they may get rejected by Uber for being too blurry.

You do not need any documents other than the ones sent to you. Your car does not need an MOT if it's less than 1 year old. You do not need the PHV Back Page or the Permission Letter.

We have sent you your Subscription Agreement because you may need it to arrange for a parking permit. Do not upload the Subscription Agreement to Uber, this is not necessary and uploading it may delay you getting approved.

It is your responsibility to upload each document to the relevant field of your Uber Partner dashboard. If you fail to correctly upload each document, Uber will not approve you and you will lose driving time. We will not reimburse you for driving time lost due to you incorrectly uploading your vehicle documents.

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