Drover's Mileage Policy

Our standard mileage package is 800 miles per calendar month which is included in your monthly subscription fee. If you go over this limit, each additional mile will be charged at a rate of £0.35 per mile.

The mileage is calculated for the entire duration of your booking and not purely on a monthly basis. For example, if you have made a 2 month subscription and during your first month you drive 600 miles, and during the second you drive 1000 miles, you will not have exceeded the total 2-month mileage allowance of 1600 miles.

If you're looking to change your allowance, we do have additional mileage packages that you can opt-in for when making your subscription or on a month to month basis during your booking with us:

1200 miles/month - +£48/month
1600 miles/month - +£96/month
2000 miles/month - +£144/month

If you have already started your subscription, you can increase your mileage package by starting up a chat with us on our messaging service through our website to let us know or by emailing subscriptions@joindrover.com

Every month, you will be sent an email by our fleet team or partner, who will be asking for a mileage update. This is to ensure that we can track when any essential servicing or maintenance may be required. Please reply to this email with a photo of the current mileage as it appears on the dashboard. 

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