Drover's Fair, Wear and Tear Policy


It is the responsibility of the owner and the driver to carry out a thorough boot to boot inspection upon collection of the vehicle. If there is any pre-existing damage present on the vehicle this must be noted on the check out sheet to avoid any complications upon return.


Wear and tear vs Damage



Windscreen/Wing Mirrors



Poor Repair

Should any damage exceed Drover’s Wear and Tear policy the driver will be responsible to pay their excess.

Drover return procedure

  • Drover vehicles are to be returned clean, safe and fuelled. Fuel is calculated on a like for like basis and any discrepancy will be charged at the market rate.
  • The vehicle must be returned at the same time as it was collected, penalty fees will apply if the vehicle is returned late. (Please let the owner know if you this is the case).
  • Upon return the owner will carry out a full boot to boot inspection to assess the condition of the vehicle. Should there be any change of condition you will be liable to pay your excess and you will be asked to sign a change of condition form. If you dispute any damages you are not obliged to sign and a member of the Drover team will investigate.
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