How to use your own insurance with Drover

We understand that some of our subscribers may want to use their own insurance with their Drover car. We call these Drover Self Insure Subscriptions, and they’re just like our standard all-inclusive product, minus the comprehensive insurance. 

The easiest and fastest way to get a Car on Drover is to use our all-inclusive service to provide your insurance. If you wish to use your own insurance, there are a few extra steps to follow.

Please make sure you read this guide in full before starting and contact us via the chat bubble on our site if you have any questions.

1. Choose your car and duration

Browse the Drover site and pick the exact car you want. You also need to decide how long you want it for, so you can get a valid insurance quote to match.

2. Ask us for the details

To get a quote from an alternative insurer, you need some details about the car. Message us using the chat bubble on the website, sending a link to the car you’re interested in. Say you’d like to arrange insurance yourself it and ask for the age and approximate value of the car.

More specific information (including the vehicle registration number) will only be provided once your proposed policy is approved by Drover

3. Find the right cover

Use the car age & value details we provide to shop around for suitable comprehensive cover. You must inform the insurer at the application stage that you are neither the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle, and that in case of a total loss, your insurer must compensate the lawful owner of the vehicle for its market value directly.

The comprehensive policy you’d like to propose for assessment must meet or exceed the cover of the Drover-provided policy and fulfil the following criteria. 

  • You must purchase a comprehensive motor policy
  • The main policyholder must also be the main driver on the subscription
  • We do not accept telematics-based products
  • The policy must start on or before your vehicle delivery date
  • In the event of a total loss, your policy must cover the market value of the vehicle
  • Your excess must be below £1,500
  • You must tell your insurer that you lease the vehicle and are not the keeper or owner

For comparison, our Insurance Product Information Document can be found here:

4. Create your subscription on

Now it’s time to go back to the car you want and customise your subscription with the mileage, duration and delivery option you want. Complete all the steps of the normal subscription process on our website. When you do this, the standard Drover insurance fee will show in your cost breakdown, but don’t worry - you won’t be charged for anything yet. 

5. Send us your proposed policy

Once you’ve created your subscription and obtained a suitable quotation from an insurer, contact us via the chat bubble on our site so you can share the insurance quotation and policy documents with us. Make sure to include your full name, home address and the email address you subscribed with.

6. We’ll review everything

We’ll review your submission in less than 2 working days (usually much faster). We’ll then let you know by email whether we accept or decline your proposed policy. If we decline the policy, you can try and find a more suitable alternative, or just cancel free of charge if you don’t wish to proceed.

7. Confirm and pay

 When your insurance policy is accepted, we’ll let you know. We will then change some bits in the background to reflect your new Insurance choice. Once this is all ready your first payment will be taken and we will give you the vehicle registration number.

8. Purchase the policy

Now that you have the vehicle registration number you can go ahead and purchase the insurance policy. Remember, the policy cover must meet or exceed the duration of your chosen subscription.

9. Send us the confirmed policy documents

Submit your new insurance policy documents (including the policy schedule and certificate) by email for our records.

10. Booking confirmed!

Once we have received your policy documents and are satisfied that everything is in order, we’ll confirm by email and arrange for your car to be delivered.


Please note, we can’t offer advice on which insurance option is best for you, so this article is purely informational and doesn’t constitute personalised advice.

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