Before we’re able to confirm your subscription, our team will carry out some quick checks on your profile designed to confirm your identity and ensure you’re suitable for a Drover subscription. Our team aim to complete your approval within 24 hours.

What checks do we carry out?

We carry out an identity check, a check on your driving/ PCO history, and a soft credit search, none of which will affect your credit score. In some cases, we may request additional documentation such as proof of address or identity.

This information will only be used to determine whether you can take out a car subscription - none of this information will be shared with any third parties.

There’s also some criteria you have to meet to take out a car subscription with Drover - this is so that all of our subscriptions run smoothly, and to make sure that we can insure you.
You must:

  • Hold a valid PCO licence (we need a photo of your paper licence) 
  • Hold a full UK driving licence (not a provisional licence, paper licence, or licence from another country)
  • Your driving and PCO licence addresses must match 
  • Have held your UK licence for at least 12 months
  • Have no active CCJs, IVA or bankruptcy order
  • Be at least 22 years of age

Additionally, we cannot insure you if any of the following apply:

  • You have more than 6 points on your licence
  • You have more than one CU conviction
  • You have any major driving convictions in the last 3 years (DVLA offence codes IN, CD, DR, DD, UT, TT, AC and BA)
  • You have been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years

What happens once you’re approved?

If approved, you’ll be able to subscribe to a PCO car!

Are you an uber executive driver?

Please send us proof from Uber that you have "Exec Status" and you will be able to subscribe to exclusive uber executive vehicles.

How long does the approval process take?

Once you've uploaded your documents, we aim to approve your profile within 24 hours or less.

If we do require any further information we'll be in touch as soon as possible via phone or email to confirm additional details, so watch your inbox!

Have any questions or concerns about the approval process?

Please contact us via

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