What is a joining fee?

When you make your first subscription with Drover, there is a one-off joining fee to pay. We don’t take down payments or large up-front costs and once you’ve paid this joining fee, you will then only have to pay your ongoing monthly subscription fee.

How much is the joining fee? 

The joining fee is £179 and we’ll only ask for this payment once. If you leave and come back to us, or make a future subscription, you won’t have to pay this joining fee again.

When do I have to pay this?

The joining fee is applied to your first booking payment when you click ‘Confirm and Pay’.

Does this fee change because of my age, booking duration, or car value?

No, the joining fee is a fixed cost, and is not affected by your age, booking duration, or car value.

Have any other questions about the joining fee? Please start up a chat by clicking the blue button below. 

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