What is a PCN?

A PCN is a Penalty Charge Notice, issued to drivers for offences like parking a vehicle in a restricted area, driving in a bus lane or failing to pay the Congestion Charge.

PCNs require payment of a fine but don't result in a criminal record or points on a driving licence.

They notice can either be sent in the post, delivered by hand or stuck on your car windscreen.

You have 28 days to pay a PCN or submit an appeal if you disagree with it. If you pay within in 14 days from the issuing date, the PCN price is reduced by 50%.

An unpaid PCN is treated as Civil Debt and can result in additional County Court charges or Bailiff’s action if it remains unpaid.


 What happens if I receive a PCN?

If we receive a PCN for the car that you’re subscribed to, you’ll be notified via text message and email. This email will contain an image of the PCN.

You then have 72 hours to contact us if you want us to transfer liability of the Penalty Charge Notice into your name. Any request to transfer liability of a PCN may be subject to an admin fee.

After 72 hours, if we haven't heard from you, we will make the payment on your behalf to prevent any increase in the fine amount. We will then pass this payment to you, as a charge on your account.


Please note, some penalty tickets are not eligible for appeal and thus are automatically charged.

Some of our fleet partners have a different PCN policy and will pay for the PCNs straight away. If you have a subscription with a vehicle provided by Europcar, BMW, Volkswagen or Sixt we cannot process a transfer of liability request. Their policy is to pay the PCN's as soon as they receive them.

Bus Lane PCNs can't be transferred into the driver’s name due to legal restrictions and will be processed by Drover straight away. The discounted price of the fine will be charged from your account.

Does Drover charge an admin fee for handling PCNS? 

Yes, we charge a £20 admin fee for every PCN received. 

Can receiving multiple PCNs affect my booking?

For safety reasons, if you receive multiple PCNs we may need to reassess your suitability to have a subscription with us. This may result in your subscription being terminated early and cancellation fees will apply.

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