We’re required to state this insurance lingo as part of our insurance regulations. If there is anything you don’t understand here, or would like help with, please get in touch.

Persons or classes of persons entitled to drive
A Hirer with the knowledge and consent of the Policyholder, provided that:
 - The driver holds a licence to drive the vehicle or has held and is not disqualified for holding or obtaining such a licence
 - The driver is the Policyholder or is driving with the Policyholder's permission.

Limitations as to use
Use by the Hirer in person for their social, domestic, pleasure and commuting to multiple places of work from home.
 - Whilst any vehicle is being so used the towing of any vehicle (mechanically propelled or otherwise) is permitted.

The policy does not cover
Use for racing, pace-making, speed testing, rallies, trials, competitions, or use on any motor sport circuit.
 - Use for carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

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