If you ever receive a PCN for the car that you subscribed to we will notify you as soon as we are aware about it.  Once you have received an email or SMS informing you that we have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)  for you then you have 3 days to contact us if you want us to transfer liability of the Penalty Charge Notice in your name. Any request to transfer liability of a PCN may be subject to an admin fee. After 3 days if we haven't heard from you we will pay for this on your behalf, and we will then pass through this to you as a charge on your account.

If you have a subscription with a vehicle provided by Brunel or Green Tomato Cars we can not process a transfer of liability request. Their policy is to pay the PCN's as soon as they receive them.

If you receive a PCN for the congestion charge, all you have to do is send proof (Uber printscreen) to pcn@joindrover.com that you were using the vehicle for PCO purposes on the date of contravention. We will then send it to TFL along with your PCO licence, a copy of your Driving licence and a copy of the insurance document to appeal. 

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